What Happens If You Pop a Varicose Vein?

As varicose veins worsen over time, there is an increased likelihood that one of your veins will rupture. Depending on the size and location of the injury, it is possible that you could lose a significant amount of blood from a single popped vein. So what happens if you pop a varicose vein?

Varicose Vein Symptoms

A lot of crazy things can start to happen if you pop a varicose vein. First, since there is so much blood pressure in the vein, it is likely that blood will squirt from your leg in a steady stream. This can be very alarming, although you may or may not feel the rupture when it happens. Before a vein ruptures, you may see preliminary signs of damage as large bruises and painful spots beneath the skin. As the walls of your veins stretch and get thinner, these spots can get larger and more painful.

Apply Pressure And Elevate Your Legs

The first thing you need to be concerned with is stopping the bleeding. In most cases, the rupture point is caused by a small scratch or pinhole in the vein. You can use a towel or soft cloth to apply direct pressure to the bleeding vein. Make sure you lift your leg above your heart to drain as much remaining blood as possible out of your leg. The bleeding should slow or stop. Make sure you don’t pick at any scabs that form over the bleed, as you could create a bigger hole.

Seek Medical Care

Once you have the bleeding slowed down, it’s time to seek medical care. Repeated ruptures of your veins can cause serious blood loss, so it is always best to seek care immediately. Make sure that you do not re-injure the vein on your way to a hospital or emergency room. Have somebody else drive you so you can keep your leg elevated as much as possible.

Treatment Options

Due to the many complications of varicose veins, proper treatment is a must. To prevent any further ruptures, you will likely need specialized surgery for varicose veins to repair the valves and seal off any damaged veins that could rupture again. This can either be done through sclerotherapy or with laser and ultrasound treatments that target damaged veins and help remove pooled blood.

If you see signs of varicose veins and you’re concerned about the possibility of a popped vein, now is the time to seek treatment. The sooner your doctor can relieve pressure on your veins, the more of your vein can be preserved and restored. To learn more about your treatment options, contact us at the Sheen Vein Institute of St. Louis today.

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