Vulvar Varicosities Treatment in St. Louis

What are Vulvar Varicosities?

Vulvar varicose veins are varicose veins that develop in and around the labia in women. The varicose veins cause inflammation and irritation in the pelvic region especially around the time of a woman’s period or during pregnancies. Pain and discomfort in the vulvar region is often the initial presenting symptom and will normally continue to worsen with time unless treated.

vulvar varicose veins


The initial and often most difficult step in treating vulvar varicosities for many women is first recognizing that vein disease is the source of their discomfort. Since varicose veins in the groin region are not easily visualized by women, it is not often very apparent to the sufferer that veins are in fact the issue. A thorough history and an examination of the perineal region is essential in making an accurate diagnosis. Treatment for vulvar varicosities revolves around treating the abnormal superficial veins in and around the labia utilizing injection sclerotherapy. Successful elimination of the abnormal veins in this region will help to decrease the level of inflammation and irritation in the vulvar region — thus decreasing the pain and discomfort often associated with this issue.

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