Will Laser Hair Removal Work on Me?

Laser hair removal is a proven treatment to get rid of that unwanted and irritating hair. Although it can be expensive initially, the treatment pays for itself based on how much money can be saved on shaving and other hair removal supplies. It’s also much less painful than electrolysis. But laser hair removal doesn’t work for everyone.

How it Works

Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicles, destroying them with a laser beam, which collects in the pigment cells. However, because your hair grows in cycles, it does require several sessions to get the desired results.

The hair treated in one session is in a growing cycle, but hair that is not actively growing at the time of treatment will not be able to absorb enough energy from the laser for it to be effective. It is recommended that you wait several weeks between sessions to ensure the untreated hair follicles are in an active growing cycle.

Will Laser Hair Removal Work for Me?

Laser hair removal does not work for everyone because the laser targets melanin, the pigment cell that gives hair its color. People with light or blond hair won’t see the same results as someone with very dark or black hair. Similarly, people with lighter skin and darker hair tend to have better results from laser hair removal than people with deeper skin tones.

But that’s not to say people with darker skin can’t have laser hair removal. The treatment regimen can be modified to consider skin tone. However, there is a higher incidence of side effects from the laser such as hyperpigmentation, which causes the skin to become darker.

Hormones can also play a part in whether or not your laser treatment is successful. In some cases, laser treatment can actually stimulate hair regrowth, making the hair grow back much more quickly than anticipated. Some hormonal conditions can cause excessive hair growth including:

  • PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Adrenal diseases such as Addison’s or adrenal tumors
  • Menopause
  • Genetics
  • Medications including cortisone (a steroid), minoxidil, phenytoin, and testosterone

If you are interested in laser hair removal in St. Louis, contact the Sheen Vein Institute. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure your hair removal treatment is successful. Contact us to schedule your appointment at one of two convenient locations in the South and West Counties today.

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